Introduction to the Jumps and Box

Introduction to the Jumps and Box takes your Flyball training to the next level with insider tips from Flyball training experts and multi-world record holding team Spring Loaded.

Here's why : Once you've got the correct foundation, the next critical step is to teach your puppy (or dog!) to go over the jumps and move on and off the box correctly and safely, in a way that makes training FUN for you and your dog. 

Wouldn't in the great if you could get the inside secrets from the best Flyball team on the planet?

Now you can!

In this video, Team Spring Loaded gives you the inside track secrets of the masters. The right puppy training techniques will save you from endless frustration and wasted effort. This 24 minute presentation gives you the first inside look at how to train the jumps and box the right way!  

It's all yours for just $37.99 + S&H for the DVD


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